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Race To The Future

Electric bikes, robotics, biotech and self-driving cars. With the option of a full or half day, engage with international leaders and experts who are shaping the future of innovation. In the morning seminar hear how innovations in the cleantech industry from the likes of Tesla, PowerSmart and Vector are closer than we think. In the afternoon workshop learn how emerging technology and innovative thinking can equal success for you and your business.

When: Fri 31 Aug, 9am – 4pm
Venue: PowerSmart HQ
Cost: Full Day $75, Half Day $50



Cleve Schupp
Cleve Schupp TESLA Marketing Genius
Cleve leads the Marketing and Consumer Sales for Tesla’s energy products across Asia Pacific. With oversight of marketing, sales, customer experience and strategy, he is focused on supporting residential consumers, businesses and utilities transition to a more sustainable future through the use of solar generation and battery storage technology.

Cleve has led sales and marketing teams for over 15 years within the financial services and retail energy sectors, most recently heading the Digital, Brand and Communications team of AGL.

Rogier Simons
Rogier SimonsManaging Director, PowerSmart
Hear from Managing director, Rogier Simons about how solar, batteries, peer to peer trading, EV cars, and self-driving cars will change how we live.

Rogier is responsible for managing, developing and leading PowerSmart’s New Zealand business. He has extensive knowledge and experience in Solar PV and has been a key part of PowerSmart’s astronomical growth since 2007. Rogier’s passion for the solar industry has shown through with the procurement of New Zealand’s largest solar system client Yealands Estate Wines, which resulted in a 411kW system being completed in 2016.

Marie-EveLeader of Vector’s B2B growth
Marie-Eve leads Vector’s Business-to-Business growth into local and international markets to create new ways businesses can using energy to grow and thrive. Marie-Eve is a creative leader with a practical approach who knows how to leverage leading edge technologies to respond a customer’s changing needs. With a background in electrical engineering, an MBA, she has more than 25 years of experience across local and international energy, telecommunications and electronic manufacturing sectors.
Cristiano Marantes
Cristiano MarantesHead of Engineering at Vector
Cristiano is responsible for planning the future of Vector’s electricity and gas networks. One of his key responsibilities is the development and integration of new and innovative technologies, including battery storage, micro-grids, electric vehicles, solar, demand response. With a PhD in Power Systems, prior to joining the team at Vector, was the Head of Innovation at UK Power Networks, the largest electricity network operator in the UK. He is passionate about innovation, low carbon technologies and sustainability.
Paul Davidson
Paul DavidsonCFO at Tauranga City Council
Paul leads the council’s finance team as well as procurement and property teams and the Tauranga airport. With over 25 years of experience in finance and industrial relations, he has worked across local government, infrastructure, airways and consultancy practices.

Paul is extensively involved with long-term planning, looking at innovative ways to finance infrastructure. Currently he is working closely with growth councils in New Zealand and Central Government on alternative ways to finance required spending, ensuring a sustainable model into the future.


Morning Session 9am to 12pm – Giga-factories, flying cars, and smart poles

Imagine a world where solar, batteries and EV cars and bikes are the norm; it’s just around the corner.

In this seminar hear how innovations in the cleantech industry from the likes of Tesla, PowerSmart and Vector are closer than we think. Together with a selection of local cleantech companies, prepare to unpack what this means for the future and how it might look if half of what we have heard is true.

Afternoon Session 1pm to 4pm – Callaghan Innovation Workshop: New Value Through Emerging Technology

New Zealand faces a tsunami of technological and societal changes in the next several years that will impact our industry and economy for decades.  The collision of the cyber and physical worlds has launched the fourth industrial revolution, and this new age is dawning as mass urbanisation and globalisation proceed at a faster pace than ever before.

We’re also putting an increasing strain on our environment and our resources that could have the ultimate in negative consequences for future generations. How might emerging technology and innovative thinking allow New Zealand businesses and individuals succeed, in balance with new environmental measures?

This workshop, will reflect on the learnings from the morning seminar, understand how emerging technology and innovative thinking can equal success for you and your business. We will explore what the future might look like, what emerging technology is out there and how it’s being applied as innovative products and services. You can start to get ahead of the technology curve, and generate new business value through the convergence of emerging technology platforms like: IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Industry 4.0, Robotics, Biotechnology or Smart Materials.

Find out how, at this quickfire hands-on workshop lead by the Future Insights team at Callaghan Innovation, with time to network with other like-minded businesses also keen to explore what is possible.