Thank you to everyone who took part in Groundswell – Tauranga’s inaugural week-long festival of innovation. Groundswell ’17 was a huge success: over the course of 1 week, there were 28 innovation events that drew in almost 4500 people from the Tauranga region and nationwide.

Here’s a quick recap on the event drawing on some key themes using the Groundswell letters.

G: Growth

Tauranga’s population is growing but so is its innovation community

R: Rockets

NASA rocket scientist, Sinead O’Sullivan shared some of her experiences. Here’s our favourite quote of Sinead’s when talking about innovation: “You have to blow up a lot of rockets to land one.” 

O: Openness

The innovation space is inclusive, open-minded and will open doors

U: Unity

Innovation is about coming together as a community, sharing ideas and identity

N is for… Nike

Nike innovator Wade Flanagan taught us a thing or two about footwear innovation.

D is for… Diversity

Groundswell’s cross-sectoral approach featured a diverse range of individuals, businesses, organisations and industries.

S: Support

From start-up to schools, community to corporate, innovation requires support

W: Waiata

The innovation in the Maori economy is exciting and inspiring

E: Experiment

Trying new things and testing out hypotheses is a crucial step in innovation

L: Limelight

Groundswell received a huge amount of publicity highlighting the innovation in our region.

L: Legacy

Groundswell is all about creating Tauranga’s lasting legacy both at home and overseas

See you next year!