Groundswell Day 2 and we’ve already made national news! Sinead O’Sullivan – NASA aerospace engineer – was interviewed on the AM show and she got stuck into it discussing climate change, rockets, #Groundswell17 and Tauranga’s young innovators.

Sinead is a judge for the Young Innovator Awards and will be speaking at 2 Groundswell events: The Young Innovators Innovation Forum (10 August) and the Business Women’s Network Lunch: Rockets, Robots and Resilience (11 August).

Young Innovators Awards: Finalist Workshops

Groundswell Day 2 was a huge day for our young innovators! All of the shortlisted finalists for the YiA 2017 got to attend an awesome innovation-themed workshop. The junior and senior students got to meet Nike innovation developer, Wade Flanagan, and create their own sneakers. The intermediate students were lead by Sinead into a space mission. These workshops were a prize in and of themselves, but the finalists still have yet to discover who will be crowned the YiA winners at Thursday’s Innovation Awards Ceremony.

Design the City Experiment Continues


The participants of the Design the City Experiment were showing no signs of slowing down on Day 2 of this exciting event. Day 2’s theme: definition. See more on our Facebook page.

Blue2Green Marine Biotechnology Convention


The highly anticipated Deep Dive event, Blue2Green, started on Tuesday, where sustainability and marine biotechnology for the environment was examined. This inaugural marine biotech conference has attracted eminent international scientists in the marine sector and aims to bring excellence in marine bioscience disciplines together to explore the opportunity in enhancing the sustainability of the environment (sea and land), as well as enhancing sustainable wealth creation from marine resources, old and new.