Keen to experience innovation first-hand? Try one of our hands-on workshops and really take a splash into innovation.



Where: Basestation, 148 Durham Street

When: Friday 11 August – Sunday 13 August

This is a 54-hour event providing superior experiential education for entrepreneurs. It begins with pitches, continues through brainstorming, development and basic prototype creation, before culminating in demonstrations and presentations. Participants collaborate with like-minded individuals outside their daily networks to create working start-ups. This weekend is the perfect environment to test ideas and take the steps towards launching your own start-up.

Tickets: $60-99, available HERE


Where: Tauranga City Council, Co-Design and Innovation Lab, Durham Street

When: Monday 7 August to Friday 11 August, 7-830am

Over the course of a week, people from across a series of Bay of Plenty companies will come together and take on a challenge set by Tauranga City Council and accelerate it through a design process. An ‘A Team’ of design thinking coaches will train you, challenge your ideas and take you on a rollercoaster experiment that might just change the way you think.

Tickets: Only 20 spots available. Sign up at www.gswell.co.nz to find out when registration opens.


Where: Cucumber, 78 Second Ave

When: Monday 7 August at 12pm, Wednesday 9 August at 12pm and Friday 11 August at 12pm

Over 3 Lunch and Learn sessions spread across the week, the Cucumber Digital Agency team will lead interactive learning sessions to explore the topics of user research, Agile for non-development projects and service design 101.

Lunch One: Conduct User Research. We will explore different user research methods, when it makes sense to use them in a project and why this is relevant to all roles in the organisation to think about things from a users perspective.

Lunch Two: Agile for non-developmental projects. We will talk about the key principles of Agile, what it means to ‘be’ Agile as opposed to ‘do’ Agile, and look at how you could apply Agile principles across all facets of business to achieve the success that is seen in software projects.

Lunch Three: Service Design 101. Using a recent example of working with a local council to help improve service delivery of their animal services, Cucumber will introduce Service Design and provide an overview of how this is done.

Tickets: Lunch supplied free of charge but registrations is essential.

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