GROUNDSWELL: 1 – an increase in a particular opinion among a large section of the population. 2 – an extensive swell in the sea.  – Oxford Dictionary

Starting Monday 7 August, innovation in Tauranga will take centre-stage as the city celebrates its first ever weeklong festival of innovation.

Tauranga’s innovation community is thriving, led by diverse and dynamic individuals, groups and organisations who are passionate about seeing their city grow.

A Collaboration of Innovators

Tauranga economic development agency, Priority One, is spearheading the Groundswell initiative with support from Tauranga City Council, Bay of Connections, Callaghan Innovation, Tauranga Chamber of Commerce and Cucumber.

“Fostering a culture of innovation is fundamental to our region’s future, and our ability to attract skilled and talented people, new business and investment.” – Priority One Chief Executive, Nigel Tutt

Events Across the City

Locations across the city will come alive as they share knowledge, skills and experience through forums and presentations, workshops and networking events, open days and exhibitions. The events will showcase the diverse range of innovation and entrepreneurial activity happening daily in Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty.

Dip your toes or deep dive into our innovation community

The festival welcomes all: for those unfamiliar with the idea of innovation, try one of our “Dip Your Toes” events to get a greater understanding of the ‘i word’. For those keen to get more involved and improve their skills, try one of our “Take a Swim” experiences. Finally, for the experienced innovator, take a “Deep Dive” into one of our specialist sessions. Wherever you make your splash, you’ll come away inspired.

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